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Started by pedrobass808, Dec 17, 2017, 01:38 pm

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Is the bot working ? Jentec been off the forum from at least 11/12. I download again reinstalled and is just not working for me. What are you guys using?^^


bot still working with new version

sorry for my offline time but in the moment many work on privat life .. ;)


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Glad you are back:)

Um does not even open for me since the update 6.6.1 this is why i ask.

It says check my internet connection because it cant download the packages its needs. But my internet is perfect and i have no firewall. 


you have this version ?

can you tell me on well file he says cant download ?


Quote from: Jentec on Dec 20, 2017, 09:26 amyou have this version ?

can you tell me on well file he says cant download ?

Im almost certain that they are all the packages i already have in the libs directory. ( I did try the remove that file and then download but the problems go again)

the strange thing is that happens when i open the execute file with java.

When i double click it just does nothing, like the program doesn't exist

the files are many but: asm-all-40 , antlworks-14.3, esper-4-7-0, trove-3-0-3 and many more.

*yes i run the latest version you linked me.


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this is the complete list with all lib files on the lib folder download all and save it to lib folder


как приучить бот работать  на

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