Where can I download the program?

Started by dannniiiyyy, Jan 21, 2018, 05:51 pm

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Hello people, I´m trying to find the complete program to download it the last version, but I only can find the file .jar
Could you help me please?



I know, but I  mean this file is for update and mix the origial program, but to get the original program I only have to go to the original web?  or do you have the program in this forum?


the jar-file IS the program.

1. get it
2. have java runtime enviroment
3. do a cmd
4. do a java -jar OGameAutomizer.jar


Sorry, I don´t know what do you mean with do a cmd :S

So i get the program, extrat it, and then..? sorry about it  I´m not very good with this things


By "doing a cmd" i ment the following:

Right-Click the folder where you are keeping the jar file WHILE pressing shift.
There will be an additional option to open a command line window here. Do that the type "java -jar OGameAutomizer.jar" there with no ".

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