Started by Jentec, Mar 05, 2018, 12:01 pm

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The project is running but with the old OA bot .
In the moment its on test round with me an dccspy
There is to many problems to make a beta version for all users "dont like that guys got banned" so we do it intern .
On this week we fix the last things to can use it for .
- autobuilder buildings (working)
- inaktive farming (fleetsend buggy will fix this week)
- fleet saver with calculating (report of loose buggy)

Will comes later.
- hunter and message store missing
- builder for fleet missing .
- oa scripts missing ...

Solong will be the original OA rd running

Greece jentec


First of all thank you for the great job you are doing keeping this project alive.

Personally the inactive bot works perfectly and without problems.

Currently servers have been created with the feature of being able to use probes to farm inactives, could you update the inactive bot to use probes?

Thank you very much in advance for your splendid work.


Rly interested how it will work, thanks for hard work and do your best like you try to do(and even you do that :D ) Appreciate your work! :)

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