Started by ItsYourTimeToPay, Feb 22, 2018, 08:43 pm

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hi, I am just cirous if there will be any update of the bot, since its rly buggy I am thinking about fixing some features like fleet recall would be great. Thanks.


What's buggy?? It works perfectly fine for me.


Yea? Even recall?  I am experiencing quite a lot of bugs :D


To be honest the only bug I experience is that 2,92Mn metal is read by the automizer as 292.000 metal, instead of 2.920.000 metal. If that could be solved would be great!


yes the recall does not work .. (fleet saver you mean ?)
And sometimes it does not safe the fleet :(  (maybe to most importent thing)

I Update would be nice..  :) maybe you will get a new version soon :) i hope and wish you all the best :D anyway good job my friend ;)

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