Bot do not save fleet

Started by rufino89, Apr 08, 2018, 09:41 pm

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Hey there,

My bot is not saving the fleet and I get crashed everytime.. i set up on settings but still not doing fleet save when attack is about to hit.

Any help? Maybe I need a script for that?

Thanks in advance.


I have the same problem. I waited to last sec. and it left 10k small cargos against 10 000 battlecruissers. Its not the first time.


Maybe you're using another an old version of the bot, try to download from this topic:

Because my bot is fine does the fleet save when i'm sleeping


I have the last one v2.05. I dont know, were is problem.. Continuously i loose my ships this week because of it...


Any planet and moon must be with UNIC name! Avoid names with more than 1 word!!! OA can't save your fleets if planets and moons are with same names or/and the names are maded for more than 1 word!

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