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Started by Dominador, Jun 15, 2018, 09:37 pm

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Good afternoon friends,

I was analyzing the Automizer files and found in the file "readme.txt" a curious thing.

How to
4. Automizer will starts automatically, if not paste it DIRECTLY IN 'SESSION KEY' FIELD, you will have something like this :
in this mode you can SIMULTANEOUSLY difine Scheduled Tasks in OGame Automizer AND play in integrated Internet Browser

This topic talks to login through the integrated browser, but I could not.
Did I get it wrong ???

Could someone give a light?

Sorry, I'm weak in English.


You can log in through the integrated browser, but that doesnt help you. The bot has to login by himself or you have to login manually with the login button in the bot menue, if you log in through the integrated brwoser the bot does not recognize it


I notices something. When i try to login i get connection error BUT when i login with the integrated browser and copy and paste this link the bot tells me "wrong password" this means he tries to login to the correct page butOgame tells him paswod wrong. I had the same problem with my smartphone. I am able to login into ogame with my computer but not with my phone , here i also get the error password wrong, so the bot has the same problem as my phone, but the general problem with the lobby is easy to fix when u just use the link from the inetgrated browser


the login posts are diffrent ..
         +"&credentials[email]=" + login
         +"&credentials[password]=" + password
         +"&language=" lgn
its the new post string to got on the lobby and the string for the gameserver login has been changed to so the bot cant login now



You work on the bot. I think it's great. Can not support you at work, but if you can fix it, my thanks be sure.

jailson santos

pelo jeito vai demorar isso.


Good afternoon.
Providing the source code does not have the same ???
It could be much faster.


Boa tarde.

Disponibilizar os códigos fonte não tem como mesmo???
Poderia ser bem mais rápido.

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