Planet/Moon Scanbot for active players

Started by Rabauke(AntaresDE), Sep 06, 2017, 07:38 pm

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Hey, Ive been trying around with a simple OAscript to scan all active players in a certain region.
Problem: it is WAY too slow. There seems to be a delay between fleets sent or something. I tried sending with "sendfromgalaxypage" (its called something like that) and normal fleetsending. No speed difference. It never fills more than 2-4slots at the same time. A whole galaxy takes multiple hours.

So to my question: Any way to speed it up? Is there built in delay in OA that can be deactivated? Anyone else using a different kind of Scanbot that can be shared?

Rabauke from Uni


I'm trying something like that, but having the same problem!
Can you post the code to comparate please?


Hey! Yea sure. Im not at home right now but basicly I just just the script to scan moons given by DevilsHand (I think, its in the Scripting Manual)

If you go to and search for "spy moon" you'll find what I used to start. I changed it up a bit but the problem already exists with this version. Way too slow probing.

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