Improvement disable the construction of power plants "Construction Sim"

Started by Mouhid, Oct 12, 2017, 09:42 pm

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Could you guys make an improvement?
there could be an option to disable the construction of power plants when you use the option [Gui.JFrame.GenerateConstructionList] "Generate Construction List, include these buildings in generation", include these buildings in generation" and [Gui.CSim.ConstructionSim] "Construction Sim"


i cant OA source code issent present here
we can fix only little bugs and can make it working after updates
so the name of the forum "OGameAutomizer Modding" ;)

but we are working on a newer version of OA but got in the moment parts of problems and we havent realy time :/



the only possible way could be going through a bunch of thousand lines of obfuscated code and delete the one belonging to power plant entries..
because not knowing what exactly to change.. it could result in even more bugs

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