Bot freeze on calculating combat fleet composition

Started by hamper, Oct 17, 2017, 11:47 pm

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Server on Ogame: ogame.en

Date of Bug: 16.10.2017

Bug Report: When the bot is reading spy reports it freezes when it comes to calculating combat fleet composition. There is no problem with clean planets, it calculates cargo count and sets 'ready to go', for heavy defended it sets 'too strong'. But for planets with defence or enemy ships in my fleet power range it reads resource and then freezes at 'waiting for probe returns status' waiting for calculator to prepare a fleet to attack. It can take more than 10minutes to calculate fleet to destroy 1 rocket louncher.


when it unfreezes there is a message in overwiev console window:
12:47:25 : /!\ OA Theading on this account has been Restarted /!\ - Last Job Index was : 10
12:47:25 : Problem during espionage report parsing : null


Having this same issue. "Scanning probe reports" status gets stuck and I have to force quit and restart.


Something new with this issue? I run it on Ubuntu on java8.

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