Split Ships Builder

Started by WardenCommander, Nov 21, 2017, 11:47 am

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Hello All,

my suggestion is to Split Ships Builder onto two tabs

1. Ships Builder
2. Defense Builder

In Ship Builder you can order, maintain amount of Ships on your planet/moon and adjust time of when to check and start to build new ones

In Defense Builder you can order, maintain amount of Defense on your planet/moon, and adjust time when program will decide to build/rebuild
defense, and option to check more frequent about missiles if they are missing and rebuild mission ones.


I dont think that this will help to make the bot easier... :) I dont like this idea. But i think there is a bug atm where he dont build as fast as he should or did years ago if def is missing.

And since the admin from this site dont have access to the code he cant change such things.

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